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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  February 19, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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cold temperatures have come along with the rain and there may be a surprise on some bay
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area streets. a maimer announcement just made about the san francisco waterfront. oscar pistorius gives his side of the incident that has him facing murder charges -- at noon. for just $79 at lowe's today. lan blower vac
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not only is it raining again. it's cold. this is how it looked in the city of alameda this morning. the change in the bay area weather is the top story. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. we begin with a storm that's bringing wet, cold weather a all over the bay area -- weather all over the bay area. we have team coverage. steve paulson has the details how long the chilly weather will last. we begin with tara moriarty live in walnut creek. good afternoon, tara. >> reporter: good afternoon. the rain has just let up. but it's been sporadic downpours and the cold snap and wet weather is really met with
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mixed reaction. the wintry blast comes in the wake of a sunny stretch where we saw temperatures in the 70s over the weekend but this morning a cold weather system swept in from alaska, delivering a one-two-punch of rain. the national weather service says there's also a chance of thunderstorms and hail. one woman we spoke to said she had to keep morning to stay warm. are you annoyed by it or do you think it's about time? >> it sucks because i don't have a car. >> the rain definitely needs to go. >> reporter: now, in petaluma, the rain was steady. we spoke to one man who has a farm e told us this long-await -- farm. he told us this long-awaited rain helps his animals. >> i have 13 horses. yeah. other people help me out. i use some of their fields to put my horses in, the older horses and so this is great. yeah.
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i love it. >> i love it. >> reporter: how come? >> it's still winter. i enjoy the rain. i used to live in oregon. i like it. >> reporter: now, this week's rain is not expected to bring the bay area back to the normal totals for the year. back in december, we experienced heavy rain but there's little isn't there. it's cold enough to snow right now on mount st. helena. tonight it's supposed to dip to freezing at the top of mt. diablo. we'll be monitoring that and let you know what areas received the blunt of mother nature's blow. we're live in walnut creek, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara. this morning, wet roads were likely to blame for a dramatic accident in rohnert park. it happened at 8:on snidered lane. the female -- 8:00 on snyder lane. the female was the only one in the truck that flipped over. she was taken to the hospital
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with minor injuries. drivers are always warned to be careful when roads are wet. well, it's a cold rain. a couple of days we had sunshine and warm weather. that's long gone. i was just telling tore, temperatures are in -- store -- i was just telling tori, temperatures are low. i think the snow level could go down farther. diablo, st. helena, tam, all in line. upstream there are a few breaks. the coldest part of the system is moving into extreme northern california. had some breaks up in clearlake. there was rain north of mendocino county. there's the main band moving through. the stronger section is down towards san jose stretching from livermore and the altamont pass to the peninsula. there's the watch. watch how that rain is down to monterey and then will turn showery. there could easily be some snow. you can see towards mountain
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view, woodside, san mateo. especially moving off to the big valley, songton and san jose -- stockton and san jose. stockton. this is an extremely cold system. we'll have more coming up, tori, and see how long this lasts in about ten minutes. >> thank you, steve. remember, you can always get updated weather and traffic information on and mobile you can also find the latest radar images for the bay area. just scroll halfway down the front page. a danville family is deeming with a massive amount of -- dealing with a massive amount of family to their home from a fallen oak tree. the tree caused so much home to the home, it's now red-tagged. the tree shattered into pieces with some of the largest branches falling just feet from the kitchen. that's where wendy burman was standing. three other family members were inside. fortunately, nobody was hut
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hurt -- was hurt. peter burman talked about what it sounded like. >> like the beginning of an earthquake and it kept building and getting closer and closer and then all of a sudden, it was like a sonic boom and huge explosion. >> the tree also fell on the family's suv and destroyed a golf cart. the homeowner said the tree felt because the roots were diseased. crews are expected to bring in a crane. the home self itself take months to repair. orange county investigators are trying to figure out why a man went on a shooting rampage. officers say he killed three people and wounded several others before killing himself. the shootings began at 4:45 this morning in the community of ladera ranch near san juan capistrano. sheriff deputies responding to a 911 call found a woman shot multiple times in inside a house. three more people were shot and killed within the next half- hour during carjacks in tustin and santa anna.
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deputies say the suspect shot himself at an intersection. >> the suspect committed numerous incidents in santa and na and tustin -- santa ana and tustin. he drove to katella where he dried of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> investigators also say it's still unclear if the suspect knew any of the victims. oakland city council is set to vote tonight on a resolution that would keep california highway patrol officers patrolling the city. the plan would pay the chp $162,000 over two months. the highway patrol would deploy ten officers. chp officers started assisting the oakland police department back in november but the state has been footing the bill. the landscape around at&t park is going to change significantly, thanks to a new bay front project that was just officially announced. new at noon we're learning new
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details on the plans that would ling bring a lot of -- that will bring a lot of new businesses and residents ther sal castanedo is live to let us know what's gonna happen there. good afternoon, sal. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. i want show you how close this is to at&t. you can see right across from mccovey cove. that's where pier 48 is. today, they made some major announcements. big plans announced for this whole mission rock development. announcing what they call an important part of the new development here in the mission rock area of san francisco, right next to at&t park. the $1.6 billion mission project will span over 27 acres and create a new neighborhood of retails, shops and park space and today the anchor -- >> where you play the games is such a part of who you are and
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to be able to have our neighbor greet people to and from games and jumpstart a development that will include a park, offices, resident dense and retail, it's gonna be -- residential, and retail, it will be spectacular. >> reporter: the brew the brewery will be on site. mayor lee says many jobs will be here at the brewery. >> 200 additional jobs right here in this shed and pier 48. >> reporter: the anchor owner says his company needs the room. >> there's enormous amounts of space. we need that space. there's over 200,000 square feet. for us to fill the capacity for the next ten years, we need that kind of space. >> reporter: now, it's very interesting. if you come down to at&t park,
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most of the action after a game happens on the other side. it doesn't happen on this side. so we're standing here right next to what is parking lot a. pretty soon you will start to see construction and more of a scene here on the other side of the park here on the other side of mccovey cove. live in san francisco, sal castanedo, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, sal. more details now on anchor's operation in san francisco. it's already the city's largest manufacturer with roots as far back as the gold rush. the brewery has survived the 1906 earthquake and prohibition and it's operated in six san francisco locations. the new facility is anchor's first waterfront home and will add 200 jobs to the workforce. >> reporter: ever wonder what it is like to be a firefighter? in palo alto, firefighters are going online to talk about it. we'll tell you why some have taken to twitter. steve paulson is back with more on what you can expect with the cold, rainy weather
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this afternoon. a lot of tears in a south african court today as a former olympic star tells the events of the night his girlfriend was shot and killed in his bathroom. ao0!ockñ?çóxo?ñ=çñññçvxqx?ñññ?óy
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this morning, the santa clara coroner identified the
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person struck and killed by a train in palo alto yesterday. the 22-year-old was in the accident last night near homer avenue. authorities say mather walked right in front of the train. it's not clear what he was doing on the tracks. the accident is not affecting today's commutes. emergency crews have cleared a crash that snarled traffic on 280 this morning. the california highway patrol says the crash happened shortly after 6:30 on hickey boulevard in daly city. initial reports indicated one vehicle overturned. one person was trapped inside. investigator the say only -- investigators say only minor injuries were reported. happening now, the palo alto fire department is hosting a virtual ride along. the department is trying to be more tech savvy when it comes to reaching out to the public. janine de la vega explains why
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they have joined the people tweeting. >> reporter: every move is being documented today on twitter. this deputy is glued to her ipad and started to tweet at 8:00 a.m. she is taking everyone who follows them on twitter on a virtual ride along. she will tweet what they are doing on all of the calls. >> we don't have quite as much experience with twitter. we've really discovered it's a useful tool, really quick easy communication right there and -- right then and there. >> reporter: firefighters geared up for the day. they were off to their first call, a possible cardiac. a half-hour later, they are doing safety training on driving with lights and sirens. next up, a firefighter gets trained how to unlock a locked door. the department is following in the footsteps of the police department that did its own virtual ride along onfry.
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both say this will help them share information with the public and vice versa which can be critical in emergencies. >> we want people to follow us on facebook and twitter. so when there is an emergency, an earthquake, flooding that we had in november that we can directly communicate with communeny members and let them know what to expect. >> reporter: engine one is back at the station and the crew is getting ready for lunch until their next follow. this morning they had 400 twitters followers. they will be tweeting until 5:00. a u.s. security firm is pointing a finger at china, saying china's military is responsible for massive cyber attacks. virginia issued a report saying it traced the attack to nondescript buildings outside of shanghai and over the years, the operation has stolen ter you are bites of information
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from -- terra bites of information. china is denying the allegations saying chinese law forbids activities that harm internet security. a bail hearing is expected to resume tomorrow for south african track star, oscar pistorius. he appeared in court. prosecutors upgraded the charge against him to premeditated murder. they say that oscar pistorius shot his girlfriend, reeva steevkamp, after she shocked herself in a bathroom following a heated argument. but in a statement, he says he shot steevkamp by mistake, believing he was an intruder. he said he broke down the door and tried to revive her but she died in his arms. prosecutors say the story does not add up. the story came on the day that family and friends said goodbye
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to reeva steevkamp who was a fashion model and law school graduate. following the hour-long service, reeva steevkamp was cremated. mike montgomery is expected to say more about a shoving incident in sunday's game. montgomery is set to hold a news conference. he was reprimanded by the pac- 12 for shoving allen crabbe. montgomery apologized after the game saying he went too far while trying to motivate cab. cab's athletickic director -- athletic director said this is unacceptable -- cal's direct director said this is unacceptable. the auburn school district notified parents last night that it may close schools early. many of the school districts
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already have the week off for what some call a ski break. what a difference two days make. i mean, we went from sunny and nice on sunday to a very cold rain and now that some of the clouds are parting. mt. diablo, there it is, with snow up there, thank you to the twitter nation who has been awesome with updates from lake county all the way down to santa cruz mountains with reports of snow or very heavy rain. we have reports of very heavy downpours in brisbane. our low -- this isn't the main system. it has to come right over us. that can fire up just about anything this afternoon. the main core, the cold front section is actually moving south but still there's rain filling in behind it. there will be a break. i had a picture from cloely from clearlake -- chloe from clearlake showing us breaks in the clouds. i don't think it will last. temperatures all in the 40s.
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if you said it's cold out there, it is. we have winter weather advisories in the mountains, and the bay area going until this afternoon. you can take that to southern california, southern nevada, las vegas and maybe arizona if you are heading to spring training. that's the low. how about that? when that swings in, that could give us thunderstorms and very, very snow levels. take you around the area. clearlake you can see a break, hit-and-miss showers, a little bit of a break. antioch and then also kind of that main line seems to be from the east bay down to the south bay and then over towards the peninsula as well. you can see there's a little bit of a break around los altos. some of that rain is turning into snow, down to morgan hill. they are closer to the radar site but there's pockets of moderate to heavy rain embedded in that. up to the santa cruz mountains, i think they are in the prime time for late this afternoon and tonight which could see
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very low snow levels. one band is going through. there is the stronger band there. this is what's coming in upstream. that has the really cold air. very cold, rainy today, already. i mean high temperatures i doubt will get out of the upper 40s. we've gone from way above average to way below. cold rain today. no doubt about it and then the really cold air comes in tonight. takes us into tomorrow morning. there could be a few lingering showers on wednesday. one system might clip us on hurt -- on thursday. no big deal. maybe a system to the north but i think we're already. just cool and breezy. >> is it really? that's a pretty shot of mt. diablo. >> i think all the of the -- i think all of the bay area will get snow. at this hour, elementary school are learning about chinese culture at a lunar new year event. this is video from last year's celebration. students from oakland, berkeley
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and emeryville are attending the event which includes plate spinning and line dancers. it continues until 1:30. the alameda supervisors and burt are sponsoring the event -- and b.a.r.t. are sponsoring the event. the countdown is on for the parade. it features gloats and costumes -- floats and costumes. you can watch it right here this saturday starting at 6:00 p.m. a houston woman has given birth to four boys but they are not quadruplets. doctors say instead of quads, she actually had two sets of identical twins. the 36-year-old's two boys are called two sets of win because the babies had two different placentas. the odds of this occurring, about 1 in 0 million -- one in
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70 million, doctors say. bikes will be aloud on all b.a.r.t -- allowed on all b.a.r.t. trains starting march 18th through the 22nd. in addition to bikes on trains. b.a.r.t. is installing more security areas for bikes and will launch a campaign on bike etiquette. we got video of a precool sight. investigators were testing the new bay lights projects. it features 25,000 white l.e.d. lights and was created wine a -- by an internationally refound artist. the lights will stay up for two years an official grand lighting ceremony will be held march 5th. walk -- walk of a merger of well-known retailers is one reason stocks are up today. and a milestone for google, happening on wall street.
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talk of more deal making sending stock prices on wall street setting the market up to continue a seven-week rally. reports that retailers, de -- office depot and office max, some investors are betting more deals on the way. the dow is up at 14,033. the nasdaq is up 16. s&p up 9. it's also a big day for google. today, the mountain view-based company's stock topped $800 for the first time. right now, the stock is trading
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at just under $805 up 1 1/2%. android growth, dominance in search and increasing advertising opportunities are credited with contributing to google's upswing. some say it's also an endorsement of the co founder who took over as ceo in april of 2011. al-jazeera is announcing a major expansion to become a news network here. we're now learning that san francisco will be one of eight cities across the country where al-jazeera america will have bureaus. the network's headquarters will be in washington, d.c. the focus of the programming will be international news. today on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 -- we're tracking the storm moving through the bay area. it's bringing not only rain but snow and so far we spotted flakes on mount hamilton and mt. diablo, see how the weather is impact the evening commute
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and the conditions in the sierra. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. be sure to join us at 5:00. we're always here for you at and


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